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Getting Rid of Gum Disease

Several years ago, I scheduled an appointment with my husband’s dentist. During my visit, I was shocked to learn I was suffering from gum disease. I discovered my gum disorder was caused from not seeing a dentist in more than five years or flossing my teeth daily. To treat my gum disease, the dentist prescribed a medicated mouthwash for me to use twice each day. I also had to undergo multiple, professional cleanings at the dentist’s office. I began flossing every day too. In a few, short months, my gum disease was completely cured. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart, simple tips to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. Enjoy!


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Learn About Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic care extends beyond the basic alignment of teeth; it encompasses a range of services aimed at improving oral health, function, and aesthetics. Understanding the variety of treatments available can help patients make informed decisions about their oral health. Learn more below about what orthodontics can do.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces, often seen as the hallmark of orthodontic treatment, are widely recognized for their efficacy in correcting various dental alignment issues. This type of treatment involves the use of metal brackets that are carefully attached to each tooth. These brackets are then interconnected by wires and tiny elastic bands, creating a system that applies gentle, yet consistent pressure over time. This pressure is meticulously adjusted during regular orthodontic visits, allowing for the gradual movement of teeth into their correct positions. Traditional braces are celebrated for their ability to address a broad spectrum of alignment problems and bite discrepancies, making them a versatile and effective choice for individuals looking to improve their dental health and aesthetics.

Invisalign and Clear Aligners

For those seeking a less noticeable option, Invisalign and other clear aligners offer a virtually invisible way to correct teeth alignment. Crafted from high-quality clear plastic, these orthodontic aligners offer the convenience of being both removable and comfortable, which has led to their widespread popularity among adults and teenagers alike. Their discreet appearance and the flexibility they offer for daily life activities make them a highly sought-after option for those looking to enhance their smile without the traditional look of metal braces.

Orthodontic Appliances

Beyond braces and aligners, orthodontists provide several specialized appliances to address specific orthodontic needs. These include palatal expanders for widening the upper jaw, space maintainers for children who lose a tooth early, and retainers for maintaining teeth position post-treatment.

Surgical Orthodontics

In cases where the jaw's position affects oral function or facial aesthetics, surgical orthodontics may be necessary. This involves orthognathic surgery to correctly align the jaw, performed in conjunction with traditional orthodontic treatments to ensure optimal results.

Early Intervention

Orthodontists also specialize in early intervention treatments for children. By monitoring the development of a child's jaw and teeth, orthodontists can identify potential issues and intervene with treatments that guide proper oral development, often reducing the need for more significant orthodontic work in the future.

In conclusion, orthodontists offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to address a variety of dental and facial irregularities. From traditional braces to cutting-edge aligners and surgical options, there is a solution to meet the needs of every patient seeking a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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