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Getting Rid of Gum Disease

Several years ago, I scheduled an appointment with my husband’s dentist. During my visit, I was shocked to learn I was suffering from gum disease. I discovered my gum disorder was caused from not seeing a dentist in more than five years or flossing my teeth daily. To treat my gum disease, the dentist prescribed a medicated mouthwash for me to use twice each day. I also had to undergo multiple, professional cleanings at the dentist’s office. I began flossing every day too. In a few, short months, my gum disease was completely cured. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart, simple tips to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. Enjoy!


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5 Reasons Invisalign May Be a Better Choice for Your Teen Than Braces

Just several decades ago, if your teen's teeth needed to be straightened, braces were the only option. Today, teens have another option for straighter teeth: Invisalign. If your teen has come to you begging for Invisalign over braces, your first instinct might be to say no. Some parents steer towards this answer because Invisalign costs a bit more than braces. Others fear it won't be as effective. But the reality is, Invisalign offers a number of benefits for teens that makes it worth the extra cost over that of braces. Here's a look.

Your teen will feel more confident and comfortable.

It's no secret that the teen years are awkward. Your teen is sure to feel a bit clumsy and self-conscious as they navigate the ever-changing social scene at school where—unfortunately—looks are very important. Braces can make the teen experience even more awkward. Your teen may be called "metal mouth" or a host of other nicknames, and then there's the famous struggles sharing a first kiss with someone special.

With Invisalign, nobody will see the apparatus on your teen's teeth unless they look very closely. Your teen will be more comfortable with their appearance, which may help them succeed socially during this trying stage.

There won't be so much soreness.

Braces cause two kinds of discomfort. There are jaw aches which occur due to movement of the teeth. Then, there's the pain that results from the braces rubbing on the insides of the cheeks and gums. Invisalign, however, is smooth—so there is no rubbing to worry about. Your teen will experience some jaw soreness when his or her teeth are moved by the aligners, but this is easily remedied with some over-the-counter pain relievers or cold compresses.

It's easier to maintain proper dental hygiene with Invisalign.

Teen's are not exactly known for having great hygiene. They often know they need to brush their teeth twice a day and floss daily, but that does not always mean they do it! With braces, dental hygiene becomes even more demanding as your teen must carefully brush around the braces. Many teens don't take this proper care, and as a result, the develop tooth decay.

With Invisalign, oral hygiene is no more demanding than usual. Your teen will take the aligners out, brush his or her teeth as usual, and then put the aligners back in. Your teen is more likely to properly adhere to this less-demanding hygiene routine, so you don't need to worry so much about tooth decay.

Your teen can eat whatever they want.

With braces, foods like apples and carrots are usually off-limits. This can be frustrating to your teen -- not to mention keep them from eating certain healthy foods they might need in their diets. Since you take Invisalign out to eat, your teen can have any foods they want. This makes it easier for them to eat healthy and also means they don't have to give up popcorn and other snacks that may want to consume with their peers.

There are no rubber bands to worry about.

With braces, your teen will have to keep rubber bands around certain brackets from time to time. This can be a nuisance, and the bands tend to pop off. With Invisalign, there are no bands to worry about—only the invisible plastic trays. Your teen won't have to carry a package of bands around or worry about swallowing them.

As you can see, Invisalign is often a superior choice to braces when it comes to straightening your teen's teeth. To learn more about this and your teen's other options, contact clinics such as Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics.