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Getting Rid of Gum Disease

Several years ago, I scheduled an appointment with my husband’s dentist. During my visit, I was shocked to learn I was suffering from gum disease. I discovered my gum disorder was caused from not seeing a dentist in more than five years or flossing my teeth daily. To treat my gum disease, the dentist prescribed a medicated mouthwash for me to use twice each day. I also had to undergo multiple, professional cleanings at the dentist’s office. I began flossing every day too. In a few, short months, my gum disease was completely cured. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart, simple tips to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. Enjoy!


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Quadrant Dentistry: Why It's Ideal For Many People With Multiple Dental Problems

Do you have numerous dental problems? If so, you may be avoiding getting them corrected due to fears. Perhaps one of your greatest fears is needing multiple dental appointments to correct all of your issues. Quadrant dentistry is one option that could benefit you, and it is ideal for several reasons.

What is quadrant dentistry?

This type of dental visit involves addressing all of a patient's dental problems in one visit. This means that the chances of needing several future cosmetic dentistry appointments are less likely. Dentists can perform procedures such as tooth whitening, veneers, dental cap placement, dental bonding and more in one visit.

Why is quadrant dentistry ideal when multiple dental issues exist?

  • Money Saving: Taking time off from work for multiple procedures can cost you money in addition to the cost of the procedures. There are a number of dental procedures that are not covered by insurance because they are viewed as cosmetic in nature. This means that individuals must pay for them out-of-pocket or get them financed. Opting for quadrant dentistry will mean that you will likely require less time off from work. You can also count on having less recovery time because you will be healing from all of the procedures at once. 
  • Time-Saving: The time-saving aspect of quadrant dentistry is based on the fact that going to multiple dentist appointments is time-consuming. For example, a person with 10 or more problematic teeth would waste a lot of valuable time scheduling appointments for one or two teeth at a time to get treated. It is also possible for some patients to get discouraged when they only get small sections of dental problems addressed or individual teeth. This can lead to delayed treatments on their behalf. What could have taken a day may be stretched out over several months.
  • Preventative:  You may have some dental issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. You may not realize that they are impacting surrounding teeth. For example, you may have tooth decay that is placing one of your teeth at risk for needing to be extracted. Delaying dental procedures could also cause new dental issues to arise such as gum disease.

A cosmetic dentist is a good resource to use to understand additional reasons why quadrant dentistry is ideal. If you are concerned about how you will feel during a long day of dental procedures, the dentist can explain sedation dentistry options that may be available to you.  To learn more, contact a dentist office like Alliance Family Dental