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Getting Rid of Gum Disease

Several years ago, I scheduled an appointment with my husband’s dentist. During my visit, I was shocked to learn I was suffering from gum disease. I discovered my gum disorder was caused from not seeing a dentist in more than five years or flossing my teeth daily. To treat my gum disease, the dentist prescribed a medicated mouthwash for me to use twice each day. I also had to undergo multiple, professional cleanings at the dentist’s office. I began flossing every day too. In a few, short months, my gum disease was completely cured. On this blog, I hope you will discover smart, simple tips to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. Enjoy!


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Common Pediatric Dental Questions Answered

Pediatric dental care is a topic that many new parents will not fully appreciate or understand. This can lead to a variety of problems for their children. To help you with caring for your child's developmental and overall health needs, you will want to have some of your more basic pediatric dental care questions answered.

Is It Necessary To Have All Of The Child's Teeth Sealed?

Sealing your child's teeth can be an excellent way of providing them with an additional layer of protection. This sealant will prevent food and other materials from coming into contact with the enamel of the teeth. As a result, the teeth that have been treated with the sealant will be far less likely to decay. 

Typically, these sealants are only applied to the back teeth as the large chewing surfaces can be particularly prone to developing decay. By having this sealant applied to the teeth as soon as the child's adult teeth grow into position, you will be able to avoid the risk of your child's inconsistency dental hygiene habits from causing serious damage to their permanent teeth.

How Often Will Braces Need To Be Adjusted?

Braces are a common treatment for correcting a host of cosmetic issues that your child's teeth may develop. Unfortunately, some parents will be hesitant about investing in this type of treatment as they may be concerned about the inconveniences or costs involved with having the braces adjusted. While it will be necessary for your child's braces to be periodically adjusted, this is typically only needed every month or two. Furthermore, these sessions are remarkably short and can be completed in less than an hour in most cases.

Can Teenagers Use Tooth Whitening Products?

It is common for teenagers to be extremely self-conscious about the way that they look. As a result, children in this age bracket may be particularly prone to wanting to have their teeth whitened. This will ensure that their smile is as bright and white as possible. While it is generally safe for teenagers to use these products, it is important for you to monitor them to ensure they do no use these whitening agents excessively as this could lead to enamel damage. For those that want to eliminate this risk as much as possible, it can be best to leave these whitening treatments to professionals as they will know the exact concentration of whitening agent to use to achieve the desired benefits.

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